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Wonderland bed in very good condition

6 marts 2019, 5:58

Region Midtjylland, Skive Kommune

Pris 50004000 DKK

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annonce wonderland bed in very good condition



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Picture is from similar model. Mine is called LEGATO CLASSIC KONTINENTAL 180x200. It is in firm. See picture from receipt. I had a family friend working at the store, hence the large discount.

Wonderland bed in very nice condition with upgraded top madras in 100 percent nature product with winter/summer function (turnable for different ventilation). Everything on the bed is washable and will washed before sale. The bed has been in a heated garage for 2.5 years before i started using it again half a year ago, and now that i will move away again i want to sell it.

There is 25 years warranty on the bed and i have all original receipts. Bed is purchased in late 2014.

annonce wonderland bed in very good condition



Gintare Bech
Gintare Bech
online 3 dag siden


11 december 2018




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