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Butik for Sale in Grønnegade 1107 københavn k

5 september 2020, 1:08

Region Syddanmark, Assens Kommune

Pris 12345 DKK

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annonce butik for sale in grønnegade 1107 københavn k



Privat person / Business

Privat person


Butik for Sale in Grønnegade 32 1107 københavn k

Grabs Deli Sandwich, Salad, Bagel butik for sale in Central Copenhagen K, near to Kogens Nytorv Metro Station, Just near 100 Meters to metro, stone throw distance to walking street and located in Grønnegade, 1107

Grabs Deli is just so delicious; It is located in Grønnegade 32, 1107 Copenhagen K. Very good kitchen where the cold food is cooked with elegance.

Grabs Deli is always been one of the best in town, and one of the most sought for Salad, Sandwich,Bagel.

Lot of business opportunities and further business development. More than 100 Offices near by Grabs Deli which has more potential business opportunity.

Do you want a business where guests from the fitness center, residents of the area, educational institutions and the college like to enjoy themselves, yes, here is an obvious and extremely cheap option!

Contact me private to 53682775 for the price and quick sale is possible with good price.



Grabs Deli
Grabs Deli
online 1 år siden


11 december 2018




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